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Tyler Allcorn

Tyler Allcorn is a former Army Special Forces Green Beret who immigrated to the United States of America as a child of nine years old. After years of relocating around the world, the oil and gas company that his father was working for offered his family the chance to settle in America.

Branch:  United States Army 

Rank:  E-6, SSG

Years of Service:  7
Notable Honors:  Army Special Forces Green Beret, Bronze Star (2)

About Tyler Allcorn

In America, Tyler became the first member of his family to graduate college earning a degree in economics. In 2010, his dream of becoming an American citizen came true – he became a naturalized U.S. citizen seventeen years after immigrating here with his family.

Four short months later, Tyler enlisted in the United States Army.

This officially began his life of service and dedication to the country that has given his family so much. As a Green Beret, Tyler was deployed to many of the most dangerous combat zones in the world. He has led teams throughout the Middle East and Western Asia in four combat deployments. This includes seventy combat operations during one tour of duty in such places as Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

Tyler and his teams have personally faced down ISIS and other extremist terrorist organizations who stand in opposition to the values we hold dear. For his service, Tyler was awarded two Bronze Stars and is proud of his eight-year service in helping to defend our liberties. Tyler’s service, however, did not end there.

Today, Tyler works for a small business called Shift which helps former military service members find jobs while transitioning out of the military. Shift has helped hundreds of former service members find jobs in career fields ranging from engineering to construction to the hospitality industry.


Government Spending & Debt

With our national debt over $30 trillion, our spending is a national disgrace. Our debt is a moral failure. Reckless spending today leaves our children and grandchildren holding a crushing tab. Let’s call this problem what it is: generational theft.

The debt is also a national security problem.


National Security & Defense

As outlined by the Constitution, Congress’s paramount responsibility is to provide for the national security of the United States. Tyler Allcorn loves this country and has a proven willingness to risk everything for its defense. As a former Green Beret, he knows what it’s like to say goodbye to his family and deploy to a combat zone, putting his life on the line for our liberty. We need to increase our defense force capabilities and cyber defense to ensure that America’s enemies never reach our shores. As your next Congressman, he will fight to make sure that our men and women in uniform have the resources they need to continue to keep us safe.



As an immigrant himself, this issue is personal to Tyler. Tyler’s family is originally from Canada, and the oil and gas industry was their ticket to the American Dream. Tyler knows what it’s like to immigrate to a new country and face challenges in a new environment. 



Weld County is the number one oil-producing county in the state. The oil and natural gas industry is one of the biggest employers in Colorado’s Eighth Congressional District. Tyler is proud to support the men and women who work in this sector. Tyler believes that clean energy is important, and the oil and gas industry has come a long way in making sure that their carbon footprint has been greatly reduced.



Tyler and his wife are strong Christians and believe in the sanctity of life and the unborn. Taxpayer money should never be used to subsidize abortions.

The leak from the Supreme Court is a liberal stunt that threatens the independence of an entire branch of government while also trying to distract from Democrats’ failures on our economy, crime, and the crisis at the border. 


Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement officials go out every day and put their lives on the line to make sure we can sleep well at night. The recent attacks and denigration of our officers is completely unacceptable and should never be tolerated under any circumstances. The radical left has burned down police precincts and physically assaulted officers in a bid to tear this country apart.


2nd Amendment

Tyler is a supporter of the Second Amendment and believes that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. Passing laws that restrict firearm usage will only affect law-abiding citizens. Criminals will ignore these laws, and good people will suffer.



Tyler understands the importance of education and believes that the decisions are best left to the local level. Students need to develop the knowledge and skillset to be able to think on their own terms and be productive members of society.

Unfortunately, critical race theory has recently barnstormed into our schools and seeks to divide our kids by race and ethnicity. 


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