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A Letter from our Executive Director

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My Fellow Veterans,

America is at a crossroads; we have never faced a time in our history that so few who have served our nation in military service are continuing that service in “elected office” and I believe it clearly shows in the way things are currently unraveling across our country. I believe now more than ever we need those battle tested leaders in office, men and women of great integrity who have sworn an oath to support and defend the constitution and did so with the full knowledge that the ultimate price for freedom could mean they themselves making the ultimate sacrifice. 

America’s greatness has been tested over 245 years through war, peace, depressions, secession, and civil war, and has created a nation characterized by American Grit. This is the spirit that made America a world leader with a rock-solid national security effort, a continuum of innovation and technological advancements ,and economic opportunities for all. As our country continues to push the brink of success, our veterans remind us that liberty and democracy are the foundation of our prosperity.

Our country’s 19 million veterans served through conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, and the Middle East. Today, the largest share of all U.S. veterans who served experienced the vicious war on terrorism that began on our own shores over 20 years ago. We must not forget the actions that led up to that fateful day, and the sacrifices that were made to protect our national security and standup for human rights. We also must reflect on what we failed to do, and what we must do today prevent a similar path in the future.

Based on my experience as a soldier for over 22 years, and veteran advocate for the last 12 years, I can say without a doubt we need veterans in office now more than ever. Our heroes can lead by example, focusing on unifying American citizens, rebuilding public trust in office holders, and remaining steadfast in a commitment to our most treasured document, the U.S. Constitution. We need leaders who will reform and refocus our National Security and defense systems to protect our citizens from potential attacks today and deterring aggressors from waging attacks in the future. We need leaders with unquestionable integrity who will ensure that the needs of the people are met with a strong economy and an opportunity for everyone to achieve the American dream if they have the desire and motivation to seek it.

Veterans of America, the time has come to once again stand up and step into service. We must come together as a coalition to ensure that all we have fought to protect and defend from our enemies is not lost from within. Let’s work together to support leaders that will uphold our sacred American values and will dedicate resources to ensure a future of security, opportunity, and dignity.

James L. McCormick II

Executive Director

Vets4Vet Leadership

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