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Not Just Another Death at the Border

Texas National Guardsman Bishop E. Evans gave his life last week in selfless service to our country. He is a true American Hero.

Swept away by the river’s current while saving the lives of strangers. The loss of Bishop should cut deep into our collective conscience. Our sympathies go to his family and his colleagues.

The Texas Military Department said the two migrants involved were crossing the river into the US “illegally” and were a part of “illicit transnational narcotics trafficking.”

The loss of this young man can not be merely added to the list of hundreds of thousands of young Americans taken from us by the actions of transnational criminal organizations. Bishop Evans death is clearly and directly a result of the dysfunctional Federal government’s border security policy.

These senseless deaths are preventable, and it is the job of the Federal Government to prevent them. It’s time for Washington to do its job and take down these transnational criminals and secure our border.

Congress needs to honor Bishop Evans' sacrifice by directing the Administration to end the border crisis.

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