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Reviving America's Energy Security

In 2020 our country reached an important security milestone when we became a net energy exporter. This achievement ushered in lower energy prices and escorted out supply instability. North American was poised to become the strategic supplier of fuel to allied nations.

Global conflicts over energy were minimal, yet the domestic war on fossil fuels was still raging.

America’s progress toward a balanced all-of-the-above energy strategy was working; renewable energy projects were sprouting up in every corner the country and America had fallen in love with electric vehicles. To maintain this momentous breakthrough global position, we merely needed to maintain our course.

Instead, progressive overreach in Washington abruptly banned domestic oil and gas production and transportation infrastructure development, and relaxed restrictions on foreign fossil fuel oligarchs. These actions are crippling our economy and endangering lives across the globe. Ironically, the energy supply chain disruption caused by these misguided policies are driving inflation that will stifle growth in renewable and electric vehicle markets.

Congress can quickly correct course toward energy independence to limit the damage of these failed policies. To prompt a long-term American energy security revival, the Federal government must immediately permit the construction of critical fuel recovery and delivery infrastructure.

For our long-term security, and the security of our allies, Congress needs to begin immediate work on authorizing the completion of our pipeline infrastructure and expedite construction of permitted and proposed gas export facilities. This will more than double our capacity to supply liquified natural gas (LNG) to our allies in the east and west. It is time to secure the delivery of crude from our western states and Canada to our nation’s refineries on the Gulf Coast. This will permanently end dependence on imports from bad actors like Russian and Venezuelan.

There is no time for Washington’s elected leaders to procrastinate, form a commission or conduct hearings to study the problem. It took 50 years to discover the intrinsic value of energy independence achieved in 2020 - the revival can come quickly and last indefinitely if we start today.

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