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The Pandemic Reveals America Needs New Leadership

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call, revealing how the United States has become dependent on unreliable global partners to provide our citizens with essential products required to meet our basic needs.

Supply chain disruptions and years of bad domestic and international trade policy decisions have impaired America’s industrial capabilities in the energy, technology, transportation, public health, and biological sectors. From shortages of raw materials, components and finished goods coupled with the lack of domestic manufacturing capability, bad Federal policy has driven the U.S. rate of inflation to a 40 year high. Inept leadership is crippling our economy and emboldening our adversaries.

We Need Strong Veteran Leadership in Congress

The ‘Big Reveal’ from the pandemic is that too many of our political leaders don’t know how to lead, are self-serving, don’t take responsibility for their actions, and lack strategic focus. Our elected officials tell us our economic and national security problems are not their fault or the government’s fault. George Washington said, “99% of failures come from people who make excuses”. We don’t need excuses and spin - we need solutions that will strengthen America.

Fortunately, our county is resilient, and time and time again, great leaders with courage, integrity, honor and vision step forward to lead us out of desperate times. America’s Veterans have the qualities that we need to reset the course of our nation. There are many veterans putting themselves forward to serve in Congress and they need our support.

Vets4VetLeadership is an organization committed to getting more Veteran leadership on Capitol Hill. Our mission is to support policies, issues, and leaders that advance American security, strength and respect. To unite and organize the Veteran community to communicate, advocate, and restore Veteran leadership in Congress.

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