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We Need More Veteran Leadership in Congress

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Did the passing of Senator Bob Dole mark the end of the era American Exceptionalism?

Senator Dole was first elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 1950, to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1960, and then to the U.S. Senate in 1968. Following World War II, military service was almost a precondition to elected office. The 1950’s ushered in an unprecedented era of military Veteran Congressional service, peaking in the 1970’s with a 75% share of Congressional seats held by Veterans.

Unfortunately, the percentage has been declining ever since down to a mere 17% today.

Proportion of Veterans in Congress since 1953

Why Do We Need More Veterans in Congress?

Senator Bob Dole represented the courage, honesty, decency and love of country shared by his fellow Veteran colleagues in Congress. As we look at today’s political environment, we see too much disfunction, distrust, and dishonor.

Service in the U.S. Military instills character, discipline, honor, and commitment to our Constitution and the freedoms safeguarded within. These are the qualities retained by Veterans following their service, and the virtues that should be a prerequisite for service in Congress.

Security, Strength and Respect

Having committed their lives to service over self, Veterans are devoted to ensuring our security, dedicated to maintaining U.S. global strength, and steadfast in sustaining respect for the U.S. military and their fellow Americans.

Since the nation’s founding, Americans have relied on our military’s ability ‘Provide for the Common Defense.” This is a cornerstone of our nation and fundamental promise that cannot be broken.

Americans are more concerned about safety and security following the relinquishment of our frontline on terror in Afghanistan and the massive security breaches on our southern border. Our Veterans understand these issues and are most capable of delivering policy solutions to these problems. They also understand our foreign adversaries, and the importance American strength plays in maintaining global peace.

How to Send More Bob Doles to Congress

Vets4VetLeadership is an organization committed to getting more Veteran leadership on Capitol Hill. We support Veteran Members of Congress who demonstrate leadership, honor, and devotion to service. Members that hold those values in Congress will inspire all Americans to uphold them in their day-to-day lives.

Our mission is to support policies, issues, and leaders that advance American security, strength and respect. To unite and organize the Veteran community to communicate, advocate, and restore Veteran leadership in Congress.

Check it out:

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