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"Of all tasks of government the most basic is to protect its citizens against violence."
John Foster Dulles

Securing America

Americas’ elected officials must be dedicated to fundamental principles of the constitution under which their powers are bestowed by the constituents they serve.  We empower our representatives to create and manage the institutions and rules of conduct that ensure justice, and protect the life, liberty, and welfare of the citizens.  Americans expect their government prevent the infringement of their rights by others and create a safe and orderly environment in which they and their families can peacefully live.


Our nation is experiencing a record number of security breaches that are penetrating our nation’s borders to deliver fentanyl deaths, gang violence and cyber-attacks.


We know that most of the Fentanyl coming into the U.S. is smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border. We also know that law enforcement needs assistance to effectively disable the smuggling trade that is causing the death of so many Americans each year.  Last year, fentanyl took over 40,000 Americans between the ages of 18 to 45, making it the #1 cause of death for Americans in the prime of their lives. 


History has once again taught us that open border policies are misguided and harmful to citizens.  Non-nation-state actors are inflicting damage on our country, cities and neighborhoods.  A breach-proof perimeter is fundamental when providing security to a home, business, military base or country.  


The time has passed when Congress and the White House can play politics with the border when so many American lives are in peril.  The time is here to apply what we have learned from confronting groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda in order to thwart the ongoing damage inflicted on us by foreign narco-terrorists. 


Vets4vet Leadership is dedicated to instilling veteran leadership into the Congressional decision-making process to support the following principles:


All entrance and departure from the Unites States must be directed through official ports of entry.

Empower the Department of Defense to use their expertise and technology to assist current law enforcement efforts to improve cross-border detection and interdiction


Allow U.S. national intelligence to play a greater role in assisting law enforcement to target money flows both into the U.S. and across the southern border to fund cartels


Require Federal coordination and communication with Governors to coordinate resources and intelligence 


Expand partnerships with qualified American companies to bolster effort to the harden of our digital infrastructure to improve cybersecurity and economic stability


Prioritize the employment of highly trained veterans with experience at weakening and disabling non-state-actor’s organizations

Strength  |  Respect       

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