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"Strength is the most persuasive argument we have to convince our adversaries to negotiate seriously and to cease bullying other nations."

Ronald Reagan

Strengthening America

American strength is the key to prosperity, freedom, peace at home and abroad.  U.S. economic strength generates opportunity and distributes wealth throughout the populace, lifting standards of living, generating freedom of choice, and easing discontent in society.  A solid U.S. economy and robust industrial base are deterrents to the financial and market weaponization tactics utilized by foreign adversaries seeking to exploit domestic and allied economic weaknesses.  A strong economy produces the resources needed to bolster America’s national defense to protect our citizens from outside forces seeking to extinguish our freedoms and disrupt our lives.  


When our nation is prompted to stabilize dangerous environments around the world, it relies on our military to plan and deliver an appropriate solution.  Our well trained and experienced armed service personnel and veterans have a successful record of alleviating conflicts, establishing civility, and creating an environment to enrich the lives of those in troubled lands. The military sometime serves as the leading edge of our foreign policy, and after twenty years in Afghanistan, our military’s knowledge and experience in that theater was undercut by political decisions.  


Americans were disappointed by the decision making that brought us the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.  A clear lack of coordination between Federal agencies hampered the United States military’s ability to safely and strategically evacuate citizens and allies.  The lack of strategic planning endangered the lives of Americans, Afghan friends and partners, damaged our relationships with coalition allies, and projected weakness to our adversaries.  

America’s capability to counter foreign-state strategies designed to dominate and monopolize critical strategic markets must be enhanced by Congress.  U.S. policies controlling domestic materials, manufacturing, production, and infrastructure assets have weakened our nation’s ability compete against foreign adversaries.    

Congress needs to deliver legislative solutions to streamline and expedite America’s strategic resource development capabilities to remove the leverage antagonist nations use the free world hostage to their manipulative and destructive actions of aggression. 


America is resilient and strong but is strongest when we have qualified leadership working cooperatively with career defense and foreign relations professionals to implement sound policy and action.  Vets4vet Leadership is dedicated to instilling veteran leadership into the Congressional decision-making process to support the following principles:


Establish clear policy goals and objectives of each mission prior to, during, and through the transition out of major engagements abroad


Improve U.S. and allied nation strategic energy security by completing the installation of our energy pipeline infrastructure and expediting the construction of our permitted and proposed LNG export facilities


Improve coordination and integration governmental and non-governmental development strategies and resources operating in foreign engagement zones


Improve agility by expanding continual planning between military and civilian agencies improve the speed and efficacy of tactics and resource distribution to complete the strategic mission


Prioritize the transitioning military veterans with field experience into non-military positions in foreign policy and development agencies to enhance operational perspective of these organizations


Codify military and law enforcement doctrine of no-person-left-behind into the policies and procedures followed by civilian branches of our government


Security  |  Respect       


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